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At Horse Creek Angus, LLC we focus on the female as the foundation of our breeding program, with emphasis on cows with maternal instincts and abilities.  We require correct phenotype beginning with feet and udders to the whole cow, including her attitude, which carries over to our replacement females and our bulls. 
Our bulls, like our cow herd, have a balance of traits focused on producing functional cattle for rangeland environments. To achieve that, the mature size and growth performance need to be in balance with the environment.  

We use our own bulls in conjunction with our A.I. program because they work and our calving is virtually trouble-free. We use carefully selected AI sires to complement our females and sustain our maternal emphasis. 
We winter our cattle on our pastures at the headquarters at Meriden on grass and cake with limited hay feeding until calving season in March and April.  In the summer, the cattle are on pastures near Cheyenne.  We are committed to raising productive cattle that can fend for themselves while being easy to manage when it is time to bring them in for spring and fall work.

We welcome visitors to come take a look at our cattle. 

Dan & Bobbie Frank 

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